High Density Bin Storage Products

ssi depot high density bin storage productsWhen adding space isn’t an option, the answer is to make your existing space more efficient using high density storage bin products!

One of the distinct advantages to incorporating high density bin storage within your facility is the ability to dramatically increase your supply storage capacity. High density bin storage systems achieve the highest level of storage capacity per square foot while making storage locations neater, cleaner and more user friendly.

High density bin storage products are an ideal storage solution for healthcare facilities, automotive departments, educational facilities and offices.

Key features:

  • Achieves the highest level of storage capacity per square foot. Up to 60% additional storage capacity as compared to wire shelving.
  • Baskets can be divided every 2 inches. Compartments can be made to fit the exact size and quantity of the supplies being stored.
  • Baskets can be angled so those at the higher levels can still be fully accessed.
  • Baskets can be angled to create a Gravity Feed System.
  • Great for Suture Storage
  • Safety stops are provided to prevent the accidental removal of baskets.
  • More cost-effective than other similar systems available. 

Our high-density bin storage products are:


  • All modules can be subdivided individually and flexibly
  • Label holders enable the modules and compartments to be clearly identified


  • Stable construction with cross- supportable top and bottom
  • Stop function prevents modules from accidentally falling out when pulled
  • Hygienic, smooth and easy-to clean surfaces
  • Modules can be removed for cleaning
  • Tubes are galvanized and powder-coated to prevent rusting

 Easy to Use:

  • Plastic rails can be positioned without tools
  • Basket can be angled to provide easier access to the stock at the top of the racks


  • Plastic rails and modules can be removed and replaced as required
  • With countless drawer-dividing possibilities, the compartments can be ideally adapted to the articles stored and storage space can be used efficiently
  • All racks can be supplied with/without wheels
  • Multiple configurations ensure customization to fit your needs