Automotive Storage Products Available

SSI Depot offers several configurations and options for bulk tire storage. Whether you're storing tires on a stationary rack, on the wall or need a rack that is easily movable, we have a solution for you.

automotive tire rackDouble rivet beams and center supports offer durability and strength. Racks are made of steel frames for long lasting durability that accommodate tires up to 54". Angled beams hold each tire in place without locking devices, so tires are easily removed when needed.

Racks range from two to six tiers high and can be wall mounted for extra stability. 2-tier racks can easily be expanded as your storage needs increase.

Our tire racks are:

  • Attractive enough for the show room, yet durable enough for use in bulk tire storage applications
  • Angled beams hold tires in place without the need for locking devices so tires can be easily removed


Use otote jackur durable, premium quality Tote Jack to lift and move your Series 1278 and 1804 Racks and your No. 1203 Merchandiser.

  • All-steel, welded construction
  • Gloss black weather-resistant baked enamel finish
  • Extra-heavy-duty 10" ball bearing wheels